Martin Symonds   石 明 理

Martin Symonds has lived in China since 1975, much of that time being spent helping foreigners learn to speak Chinese. He has been Linguistic Advisor to TLI Chinese Language Center (Beijing & Taipei) since 1985. For the past 30 years, he has been writing Chinese textbooks, both for language students in Mainland China and Taiwan. He speaks fluent Mandarin and Hokkien Chinese.

Tian Hao Hao   田 皓 皓

田皓皓  studied language at Stephen’s Point University in Wisconsin, USA. She has taught Chinese for over 20 years and now runs her own Chinese Language School where hundreds of foreigners have successfully learned Chinese.


Many people have contributed to the compilation of this textbook. A special word of thanks to  張俊娟  who carefully went through each lesson and made many very helpful comments. Also, a special word of thanks to 林繼君  who wrote the Teacher’s Manual which is much appreciated by teachers using Chinese Made Easier. Grateful appreciation too to  陳惠玲  for doing the drawings.

魯西忠主任 and teachers 張力立、吳金梅、李秀芹、李紅霞 at 陝西師大 and 孫偉業主任 and teachers 董軍、高永革、關秀芬、柴軍 at 天津理工學院 offered many helpful suggestions as how to improve the book.

鄧守信  excellent book ‘A Basic Course in Chinese Grammar: A Graded Approach through Conversational Chinese’, Asian Library Series No. 5 (San Francisco: Chinese Materials Center, Inc., 1977) proved to be a most valuable resource book.

Fu Jen University’s ‘Four Phase Pattern Drills for Speak Chinese’ contained many useful ideas on how to create interesting drills.

Thanks must also be extended to a host of other people:  劉家堯, Andy Castro, Matthew Dear, Wilma Hoenes, Janelle Moore, Dave Parshall, Ruth Plummer, David Seiboth, and students on the Sunrise program at  陝西師大  who were willing guinea pigs.