Corrections to the 2nd Edition

Here are some corrections to Chinese Made Easier (2nd edition)

Pronunciation Lesson 21:  should be yao2 yao2 wu2 qi1  

Lesson 24:  Radicals list:  zui4 (the most, -est) radical is yue1 not ri4. 

Lesson 31 Drill 32:  Reduplicated double-syllable SV = adds emphasis (not describes the manner in which the activity is carried out) 

Lesson 41:  Vocabulary #24:  fu2wu4yuan2 = service clerk 

Lesson 47:  Vocabulary #29:  lian2xi4 is more commonly used 

Lesson 57:  Radicals list:  jin1 radical is not pie3. jin is a radical itself.    

If you have found any errors which need correcting, please email them to:  chinesemadeeasier at