10 ways to play with the pictures in Chinese Made Easier book 5

  1. Before looking at the story in the textbook, write your own story using the pictures in the textbook, and then, after reading the story to your teacher in class, get her to correct it.
  2. Turn the story into direct speech by adding ‘speech bubbles’ to the drawings and so imagine what the conversation might have been.
  3. Photocopy (and enlarge) the pictures; next add as much vocabulary as you can to each picture; then talk about it with your teacher.
  4. Both teacher and student, each saying just one or two sentences in turn, tell the story from the pictures.
  5. Cut up the pictures, mix them up and make up a new story.
  6. Share your likes & dislikes.
  7. Share your feelings and opinions, e.g. “What do you feel about …?” “What do you consider is …?”
  8. As the teacher (or student) draws the story on the whiteboard, the student tells the story.
  9. “What might happen if …?”
  10. Compare & contrast life in China with life in your home country.

10 ways to play with the pictures in CME book 5:  pdf file