Textbook files + mp3

The pdf and mp3 files for Chinese Made Easier 2nd edition can be downloaded from this Dropbox account. Please click the button and fill in the form to request a link to the files.


If the Pinyin looks strange, install the Pintone font and this should correct the problem. The font can be downloaded from this Dropbox account


The mp3 files are only for the 2nd edition. Sadly, the 3rd edition was written but never published, so no recordings were made. You therefore have the choice of using the older version (2nd edition published in 2007) together with the mp3 recordings which can all be downloaded from the Dropbox account, or study the slightly more up-to-date version (3rd edition authored in 2013) but without mp3 recordings (except for the pronunciation section). The grammar explanations are almost exactly the same in both editions – just the vocabulary has been updated.

It appears that Chinese Made Easier 2nd edition can also be downloaded from this website: https://www.pdfdrive.com/chinese-made-easier-book-1-english-and-chinese-edition-e156902614.html

Any questions, please contact me here

Martin Symonds